Finding Foods for those who want no food found






Just a Bite!   Never would I have dreamed this simple meal would be so full of hope,   Gone are the creative flourishes I tried so hard to capture in my   culinary training    This is a meal served to a man struggling to live and with no appetite.  This is a simple meal of broccoli soup made with oat “milk,” puréed banana and apricot and a CocaCola.   Please Dad  !  Just one more bite is my frequent refrain..  Amazing how a food so maligned can be life sustaining!  My dear father loves his soda.  Go for it Dad!  Coca Cola is high on my shopping list these days.





Published by Cynthia Chandler,RDN

registered dietitian specializing in finding foods to bring to the table ! geriatrics culinary nutritionist who seeks to find flavors that satisfy, food that nourishes, and the space in life to enjoy both!

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