Good morning coffee

We will take our morning coffee anyway we can get it as long as it’s very hot and free of cream or sugar! This has been a ritual of my dad And me for the last four years. Every morning we get up and have coffee together. Dad really enjoys it. He says that it is his favorite time of day. He has me to himself before I go to work and we sit in the quiet of the morning and have coffee. Most of the time it is two cups of coffee. We would use the Keurug in Florida for our freshly brewed cups. Now I find it convenient to brew a pot of coffee by preparing it the evening before and only having to turn the switch in the morning. This is less time I have to leave Dad by himself. Some advantages to a smaller condo in South Florida. Back in Kentucky and working only as a daughter to care for my father, the pot of coffee served us well. I have increased my coffee consumption to around 4 cups every morning. I pour Dad small amounts of coffee-this way then coffee will stay nice and hot for him.

This is the first morning he refused coffee. It saddened me, of course. I got the coffee anyway. We have been using a cup with the straw built in for him to make it easier to drink coffee. Today I resorted to a medicine dropper to allow him his precious coffee. Being the nutritionist I am I wanted to add some calcium and magnesium solution that I often slide into food and drink but I thought the better of it. I mean, come on! My Dad deserves his heart strong black coffee. So back to sitting and dropping coffee this morning.

Coffee by the Dropper
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