Fitness: Strong Legs, Strong Brain — 3-D Vitality

While exercise in general is known to be important for overall health as well as for brain health, numerous studies have revealed a strong link between leg strength in particular and brain health. Exercise in general improves health and brain function in the following ways: Improves and increases blood circulation (oxygenation) to the brain and […]

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Dad is 87

My family goes far back in years in the small central Kentucky community of Campbellsville. My family started a dry goods store on Main Street in 1892. It still is in business. The Chandler’s were pillars of the community, and I am proud to be living here after many years away. The return “home” was due to my mother’s health, but I am finding it refreshing and renewing as I remake my career and my family base once again. Celebrating my father’s birthday was a day to reflect and be thankful!